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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  August 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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cleaning up flood damage. switching up strategy. the iowa state cyclones are hoping a change in defense will help when they go up against some high scoring big twelve teams. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . there's that tornado that set off sirens in linn and a couple other counties this t national weather service said the tornado touched down near troy mills, at around 4:30. it was moving northeast at about 10 miles per hour. here's the good news. at last check, the linn county sheriff's office said they hadn't had a report of damage in that area. this is video of where someone reported the tornado to the national weather service. it's near the intersection of coggon road and troy mills. that's not too far from north linn high school. we do appreciate all the photos
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in rural linn county. in them you can see some funnel clouds from that same storm system. so let's bring in meteorologist chris havely with your first alert forecast. , we took a lot of calls about the tornado sirens going off. but it seems like it was a pretty small twister? any shower or storms in the area will quickly dissipate once the sun sets, and temperatures similar to saturday night's where we will have some people in elkader are exhausted
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weekend cleaning up flood debris. and the work isn't done yet. the turkey river crested at 22 and a half feet on friday. that's about five feet lower than the national weather service predicted. people stacked sandbags along the river to protect the town. who wouldn't after seeing the river like this. kcrg friday. water gushed past businesses that have been closed since thursday. t-v nine's jordee kalk shows us the city's progress. 14:03, "and it was over the railing here, and you couldn't come down here, the waves were just splashing." this isn't paul olson's first battle with flood waters.. 14:24, "i've been in business, it will be 29 years in october, and we've probably flooded 24 times."he's a volunteer firefighter who also owns olson appliances. that business sits right along
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here, but that's gone now. olson lost his retention wall. 11:42, the waves knocked them down." and about of foot of water entered his basement. but the area was mostly empty by the time the flood hit. standup: "business owners say the reason this flood wasn't too bad is that they learned some lessons in 2008, and this time around they were prepared for the high waters " 18:30 "everyone was prepared for it this time cause it was up by spillville" firefighters knew they had time before the flood waters would hit their own backyards. 18:41, "takes a good 2 or 3 days to get down here." temporary walls of sandbags went up thursday. nat water moving the walls stayed up until the river crested and began its descent. nat? much of that cleanup happened sunday. payloaders were brought in to remove sandbags. and volunteers helped clear tras only a small row of sandbags remains on the south side of the river. 13:10, "everyone is tired now." the rest of the cleanup is expected to be done early this week. in elkader, jordee kalk, kcrg tv9 news. earlier this week, we watched
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spillville. but we saw something else rise, too-- the number of people answering calls for help. kcrg tv9's phil reed has this week's show you care spotlight. susan mcnamara's neighbors are hard at work throwing away drywall and clearing debris from her spillville home, she took home, her backyard still wet and covered in mud she watched the water from tuesday night's rainfall fill up her home from a neighbor's place across the street. "i was sad, i was mad, but what are you gonna do? the water it was, the water was terrible "
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the salvation army says if you want to help flood victims, money is what they need most. to find out how to donate, head to our website kcrg dot com. another stand against violence in cedar rapids.
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the park is near where robert humbles shot and killed 15 year old aaron richardson after a fight between two rival groups. humbles pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter among other charges. the rally was also down the street from where a gunfight broke out more than two weeks ago. bullets hit at least one home and car. today, kids got to play games, eat food, and meet with cedar rapids police officers. organizers say they're using the event to keep "because they don't have mentors no more, so by them knowing what we do, and i'm an artist and where i came from and how i was living, for me to be out here doing this, it gives them a different story and outlook on life, then they don't got no choice but to listen and obey." police say building better relationships with the community is a good crime fighting tactic. officers say it makes it easier for people to talk to authorities about problems in their neighborhood the man accused of sexually assaulting
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to a facility where he can get a psychiatric evaluation. this comes two months after a judge said this man - helmon betwell - was not competent to stand trial. betwell is accused of killing this woman - 66- year-old nancy krapfl, september of last year. medical professionals will evaluate betwell at a coralville facility. fred scaletta with the state corrections department says the two month wait time is fairly typical. the iowa medical and classification center has 18 and there is always a waiting list. scaletta says the current waiting list has 11 people on it. and that is shorter than normal. new data show there's an increase in the number of former iowa inmates returning to prison, and corrections officials are still figuring out why. the iowa department of corrections says for the budget year that ended in june, just over 16- hundred offenders released from prison or work release returned within three years. that's a rate of over 34
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the previous year. the department of corrections says it will review the possible causes and release a report later this fall. university of iowa police say a waterloo man tried to impersonate a black hawk county deputy during saturday's kinnick concert. police found timothy draper outside kinnick stadium last night drunk, wearing a deputy badge and carrying a loaded gun. he is not a deputy. he faces charges of public official impersonation and going armed with a dangerous weapon while intoxica us on newsline nine. that number-- 319-365-9999. patty judge had harsh words for senator chuck grassley at the iowa corn feed today. the former lt. governor is running against the long time senator. hear what she said after
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amphitheater today. they spoke at the progress iowa corn feed about how important iowa is in the upcoming election. the event is similar to the annual steak fries that former senator tom harkin held each year. leaders from around iowa got up to speak including senator chuck grassley's opponent, former iowa lt. gover of agriculture, patty judge. judge pointed out how she believes there has been no action in the senate for the past eight years and she plans to change that. former presidential candidate and former governor of maryland, martin o'malley, closed the event calling out donald trump for his quote "american nightmare" agenda. he pointed out how much work needs to be done in the next 72 days leading up to the election. ""people say to me where's chuck on all these issues well where is chuck on all these issues well i don't know someone said he's dragging his feet and
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to be here for hillary clinton, tim kaine and also for patty have some fine congressional candidates we have running this year jim mowrer, monica's an exciting year in iowa." " leaders also pointed out how they want to protect the gains they made under obama-- like sustained growth from the recession and the republican presidential candidate donald trump was in the state earlier this weekend for senator joni ernst's roast and ride. he talked about how his campaign is about restoring honesty and accountability to government service. trump also took some time to criticize democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. he said it's hard to see where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. trump brought back his focus on illegal immigration
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that's having a negative impact on all americans. meteorologist chris havely joins us now. chris, we're looking at some fog
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area will quickly dissipate once the sun sets, and temperatures start to drop. skies will be similar to saturday night's clearing. this will cause more patchy areas of fog to develop in parts of eastern iowa, mostly likely in river valleys. monday will be very similar to today, in that we will have more isolated storms to dodge, with mugginess still present. a cold front looks to move through on tuesday, so
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early on tuesday. then we dry out and cool down as a canadian high pressure system moves in. low humidity, cooler temperatures, and sunshine will be with us through the rest of the week. next chances for rain arrive early next week. tonight: partly cloudy. patchy 67 alo: 66 dbq: 67 iow: 68 64 to 70 tomorrow: chance of storms, mainly afternoon and evening. partly sunny. wind: se 5-10 high: 84 alo: 83 dbq: 83 iow: 84 81 to 87 tom. night: chance of storms. wind: s 5-10 low: 67 alo: 66 dbq: 67 iow: 68
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sunny. high: 82 alo: 67 wednesday: mostly sunny. high: 79 low: 64 thursday: mostly sunny. high: 75 low: 57 friday: mostly sunny. high: 77 low: 54 saturday: mostly sunny. high: 81 low: 59 sunday: chance of storms. high: 84 low: 63 monday: chance of storms. high: 84 low: 69 thanks chris. josh is here, college football
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holiest days in the sports world. oh without a doubt. nice way to start with uni at iowa state. we'll preview the cyclones defense. and we'll talk iowa in the sunday night spotlight. stay with your 24 hour news
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cyclones hope to slow down those teams with a new defensive scheme. ... they're switching from a 3-4 defense to ei pieces, including big 12 defensive newcomer of the year demond tucker at the line and safety kamari cotton-moya. so far, the transition seems to be going well. "love it. the coaches came in with a lot of energy. from the first day they came in, they set a set of goals for us and we've lived up to them so far... it's really not about the personnel. the coaches are watching film and trying to put the best guys in the best position to make the
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about coming in is the safety position. my only reasoning for that is kamari, his health obviously at times a year ago. and then, who's the other safety? i want to give us as much position flexibility as we possibly can. you have to cover guys in this conference." trt: 47 oc: "in this conference" ... and i'm joined right now by marc morehouse from the gazette here to talk iowa football. the season opener is on saturday versus miami of ohio at kinnick stadium, kickoff is at 2:30. marc, iowa is a 27.5 point favorite in this game. what does iowa have to do if they even want to get close to that many points? "beathard has a nice day, gets off the field in one piece. c.j. beathard, as
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out about running back and finding out about wide receiver. i think jay scheel's going to be asked to really have his profile bloom. last year he played three snaps. this year, he's set to start. it'll be fun to see new faces. new faces who are expected to do stuff. matt nelson from cedar rapids xavier is one of them at left defensive end, so his profile is going to bloom." one thing that stood out in the quarterback position. there's an "or" there with tyler wiegers or nathan stanley the true freshman from wisconsin. what do we read into this? "that he's good. stanley's a good ball player. i've only seen him at kids day, and that arm was beatheard- esque. he looked a little clunky going under center; he ran the wing-t in high school. you can look at it two ways. one, trying to get tyler wiegers motivated; a third year
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in the game where he needs to see it. or, they have a phenomenal player in nathan stanley, a potential guy who could take over. so i think they're right on the edge. i think if beathard misses time, real time, you're probably looking at a true freshman quarterback for iowa." this is what i really wanted to talk about. the news came out earlier this week that chris doyle, iowa's strength and conditioning coach, became the highest paid strength and condition co 600,000 a year. that created a lot of stir nationally. guys like desmond howard and jay bilas all chimed in. i'll never understand why when the national guys talk iowa it always irks them and why they don't do their homework on these things. you've been around the program a long time. it seems that people forget what he's done with what he gets and what he turns a player into. "iowa can make players. kirk ferentz calls his program developmental, proudly. and a lot of that is
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the argument, throw that out the window. that's stupid. i like desmond howard, i think he's good for espn. but what he says here, iowa falling short in the big ten championship game against michigan state, 22-play drive, that goes on doyle. no. that's just a small snapshot. iowa's a dot in the map without a stellar strength and conditioning program. kirk ferentz realized that early in his career." once again, miami of ohio at iowa on saturday. marc, are you ready? "let's do it man. i've been long time." i've been ready for a few weeks too... we'll be right
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iowa city led cedar rapids 6.5 to 5.5 ... there's the ryder cup... today was singles play, 12 matches in all ... let's go to the first hole, trey skaugstad of iowa city knocks in the birdie putt to win the hole... he defeated matt taylor of cedar rapids 2 and 1 ... 4th hole, drew dalziel with his 2nd shot on the par 3... chips it on the green and gets a nice roll that stops about two feet from the pin... he'd win the hole and beat vern boenish of cedar rapids, 3 and 2 ... but cedar r huge push... prairie grad mason linn knocks in the birdie on 2... he won the first five holes and would defeat ross mclaughlin of iowa city 9 and 7 ... 3rd hole, par 5... justin pansegrau with his 3rd shot and it rolls within a foot of the cup... he'd win the hole and win a tight match between aaron strike, 1 up ... 11th hole, par 3... chris james putting for birdie... bingo... he defeats chad mccarty 5 and 3... cedar rapids
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in a row winning 12.5 to 11.5 "it just goes to speak to the level of golf that we've got in this community. guys, in some cases have never played in this event, to guys that have played once or twice to come out here and define something that we needed today. it comes down to, we were down. and we were still able to win. it's just a testimony to how good golf is in this community." trt: 20 oc: "golf is in this community" ... it's been a tough couple of weeks for cedar rapids native zach johnson on the course, but he will represent the u.s. in this year's ryder cup. he earned one of the final three spots after the barclays today. this will be his 5th ryder cup, which is at hazeltine national golf course in chaska, minnesota starting on september 30th. ... cedar rapids prairie grad scott schebler hit two home runs for the cincinnati reds yesterday... today, he does it again... top 2, goes the opposite way to left center for a solo home run... 7th of the season... he finished 1-for-3, but the
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mitch keller was promoted by the pittsburgh pirates today... he's heading to high-a ball to pitch for the bradenton marauders in florida... in 23 starts for the west virginia power, he went 8-5 with a 2.46 era, 131 strikeouts and just 18 walks... in his last 4 starts, he's pitched 23 shutout innings. he'll start for bradenton sometime early this week. ... the kernels are getting closer and closer to securing to that playoff spot. today, they defeated clinton 4-1 for their 7th straight win. the series ... northern iowa women's soccer with its home opener today versus saint ambrose... the panthers scored four goals today, one of them came from cedar rapids kennedy grad sydney hayden in the 42nd minute... panthers win 4-2 ... nfl preseason, arizona cardinals at houston... former uni panther david johnson got some early work in for the cardinals... johnson, bounces away from the defender and runs it in for a 2-yard touchdown... he had 7 carries for 24 yards... cardinals lost 34-24 ... and don't forget after the
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saville will host the kirk ferentz show in a preseason special edition. be sure to watch. ... and tomorrow is our first show for on iowa live at our new location, union station of 16th avenue... we have a full show of guests: former hawkeyes keenan davis, marv cook, allen reisner and bill happel. we also have pat harty from and we have the regina, solon and jefferson football teams. thanks josh. and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t chris havely for your final forecast. any shower or storms in the area will quickly dissipate once the sun sets, and temperatures start to drop. skies will be similar to saturday night's where we will have some clearing. this will cause more patchy areas of fog to develop in parts of eastern iowa, mostly likely in river valleys. thanks chris. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. don't forget the kcrg-tv9 early morning news beginning at
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? ? announcer: he gets to the five, dives for the goal line, he's over. that's a touchdown, iowa! he's crushed and the ball's out. the hawks are on it. the hawks are on it. picked off, desmond king with another one. and he's going the other way. one man to beat. handoff, cut back. he may go! 30, 25, 20, 15, 10. good night, irene! touchdown! iowa football with kirk ferentz preseason special ou by u.s. cellular. >> hi, everybody, welcome in with the national coach of the year, kirk ferentz. i'm gary dolphin and this is our special preseason edition of iowa football with kirk ferentz brought to you by u.s. cellular. i know you turned the page in january as you like to say, but i did a little greek mythology study and rarely do i get ahead of you but i looked up the number 12 and what that meant or what it means. and the number 12 means keep the faith and stay positive. i thought, boy, that is appropriate


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